Whatever you are, always be a good one.

Bits of B


ALLAH SWT did not promise that the way would be easy but He did promise that He would be with you in every single step of your life as long as you want him too. Rise and shine, peeps!

I love Blair Waldorf. I love the way she flaunt herself perfectly imperfect. So, let me introduce you to ME. I am a 20+ girl whose the sole owner of this blog. Call me B. My passion is reading. No kidding. I can read up to 5 novels a day. I'm obsessed with books.

I'm also the QUEEN of this blog.

I'm also enjoy watching movies. Especially. GOSSIP GIRLS. I mean, obviously, right?

And I love foods. I love eating, I love baking and cooking. My future husband should be grateful for that *blow nails*

I'm also a bachelor degree holder,

I love tea. All kind of teas.

And I can be a total bitch if you're messing around with me and my family.