Whatever you are, always be a good one.

09 April 2017



Allah has always been there. Even when I was sinning, even while I was sinning. He kept me alive. He made me realize I was doing something wrong and He brought me back to Him. On nights when I could barely hold myself together, He gave me courage and put me to sleep, not letting me drowning in my own cruel thoughts. And when my nightmares took over, He calmed my restless soul. He calmed my scarred heart and broken heart. He gives me the strength to face today, no matter how hard yesterday was. And never has He asked me to worry about anything, 'Leave everything to Me.'

P/S: I found this interesting quote.
"Jodoh itu misteri. Kadangnya kau berpisah dahulu dan bersama kemudian selamanya hingga Syurga. Mungkin Tuhan mahu ajar kau erti menghargai."

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