Whatever you are, always be a good one.

27 February 2017



Ya Allah, they think I am strong; they think I don't break because they have never seen me when I am weak. But You have, ya Rabb. You have seen me at my weakest and only You were there for me. You lifted me back up and gave me the strength to live the rest of this life. The people who claim to know me, have no clue who I am, deep inside me. because only You have seen the parts of me that remains hidden from the rest of the world. And yet, You have loved me as much as You did when I was born and its Your love that keeps me going. Make me among those lucky enough to embrace the sweetness of Your Love, Al Wadud. You give this soul the strength to carry its burdens and without You, my soul will collapse.

Ya Allah, please stay with me. Please don't leave me alone. It still hurts. It kills me inside, The sorrow eats me alive. It hurts, ya Allah.

Stay with me, always. I am nothing without you, Ya Allah.

Ya Allah, please unite us.

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