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01 February 2017



"We are guilty of preaching sabr, without really considering the magnitude of it, so much that we have lost the meaning of the word with our over-usage."

To cry in your late-night prayers, secluded from the world, hearing no answer but believing it will come.

To help others when you too are in need of help.

Keeping to yourself but nurturing your relationships with others.

Being unsure about your destination, yet praying to reach it because you have faith that wherever it is, it's where you're supposed to be.

Desperate, yet grateful; sabr.

I love how Allah SWT makes us wait and endure things. He just wants to make sure we really want what we prayed for. If you do want it, you will never be tired of waiting for it and you will never despair of His mercy. It's beauty in the struggle.

So, this is me talking/typing. I really really really want what I prayed for. May Allah grant me what I want. Sy tau sy kena banyakkkkkk sngat bersabar kan Allah? I won't give up. His signs are never wrong. It is as if Allah wants tell me yang sy akan dapat apa yang sy nak tapi sy kena sabar. There, I let it out finally. I think benda tu yang sy pendam tapi tak reti nak keluarkan. FINALLY!

I am being patient to get you, awak. Because you are one special guy that I have set my heart on. InshaAllah we will meet again. I can feel it and we will be together, eventually.

Surah Yusuf 12:86

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