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05 February 2017



So, I got this nice excerpt from IG.

"When you think you can't reach something, go to your Creator. Wallahi, He has never failed to help someone who sought His help. How many days did you wait? Two days? A month? Two months? You think Allah doesn't know the pain and sorrow in your heart? Subhanallah, He is looking after you, but how patient are you?

Allah, nothing stops Him from doing anything, He knows everything. Your tears in the moment of weakness and your whining when you've lost something and your patience when you despaired and the long nights you spent holding your tears, trying to keep from failing.

And Allah's blessing comes and replaces your diseases and warms your heart. But never forget to thank Allah for those moments of joy. Don't be the kind of person that seeks Allah help when they are in trouble, then the moment you are happy, you forget Him.

Rest assured that He doesn't let His slave down, He doesn't let down a slave who raised his hands and make dua for Him."


Ya Allah, here I am. I give it all to You. Please guide me. Please give me strength, patience and peace.

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